• Procedures for Technology Requests


    All requests to the technology department must be made prior to the date that the request is needed. Please give the Technology Department as much notice as possible when making requests. Requests that are received with not enough notice may be denied. All requests should be made directly through the Online Help Desk or by calling extension 1900. Please do not contact Technology Department members directly with requests.

    1. Guest Network Access Requests

    Guest network access is available to individuals who need internet access while on the Cornwall-Lebanon School District network on their personal devices. Guest network accounts will not be created for students. Generic guest network accounts will also not be created to be shared with multiple people.

    To request Guest Network Access, please login to the help desk support website and select the Guest Network Access from the dropdown of request types and fill out the form.

    2. Website Block/Unblock Requests

    The Cornwall-Lebanon School District follows strict guidelines provided by the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) when filtering access to the World Wide Web. A series of categories and rules control the filtering guidelines on two separate control sets, Staff and Students. The district recognizes that at times an educational website may be miscategorized as inappropriate content or an inappropriate website may pass through our filter. If you notice a website was categorized incorrectly, please complete the request form below.

    Please understand that any request will ultimately affect the entire district, not just your classroom or school. All requests will be considered and if the request is appropriate for K through 12, then it will be approved. Technology Services reserves the right to revoke or deny any request at any time. The content filtering of the Internet is extremely fluid as websites, site content and web rules change continuously. Technology Services highly recommends testing websites on the same computers that students will use the day before the activity.

    To request websites to be blocked/unblocked, please login at the tech support website and choose the website block/unblock option form the dropdown and complete the form.

    3. Requests for Instructional Technology Assistance

    All educators and staff member can request Instructional Assistance from the Instructional Technology Specialists. Instructional assistance can be provided in individual, small group, or even classroom settings. Please be specific in the scheduler and be realistic in your expectations for what is possible in the selected amount of time. All times available on the scheduler are available to be selected. In the case that a scheduled time does not work, the appropriate Instructional Technology Specialist will work with you to reschedule your appointment.

    In order to schedule an appointment, please use the online scheduler and answer all of the necessary fields in the form.

    4. Miscellaneous Technology Requests

    The Technology Department will review all requests and will respond to the request in an appropriate amount of time. Please understand that all requests have the potential to impact future requests in the entire school and district. The Technology Department will approve the request if it follows district policies/guidelines, is submitted in with an appropriate amount of notice, benefits students and/or staff, and is possible to fit into the budget.

    To make a miscellaneous technology request, please go to the helpdesk and choose the option from the dropdown for requests.