• Concussion Baseline Testing Information


    Baseline neurocognitive (concussion) testing needs to be completed every two years. Athletes must complete this testing in order to be eligible to participate in a sport. This testing is completed with the Cedar Crest Athletic Training staff. Exceptions to only needing the test completed every two years include the following:

    • Student moved to the Cornwall-Lebanon School District from another school. The test needs to be on file with Cedar Crest Athletic Trainers.
    • A Concussion was diagnosed for the student within the past year.

    In both of the cases above, the athlete would need to take the test prior to participating in a sport, even if the previous test was given within the past year.


    Fall 2019 Concussion Testing

    Concussion tests will be available from August 5th at 10am, August 6-9th and August 12th-16th at the time slots of 9:00am & 10:00am. Each test takes approximately 45 minutes. Concussion testing will take place in Cedar Crest High School Room 701. Students must enter through the main school entrance at the front of the building.

    If you need a concussion test, please use the Concussion Testing Scheduler to schedule your time slot. All players are expected to arrive to the testing with their charged school laptop. You may use one of the laptops in the room if you do not currently have your school laptop. Please sign up prior to attending to ensure that there is room for you during the time slot.