• Act 80 Days

    All public schools are to be open each school year for at least one hundred eighty (180) days of instruction for pupils. The number of instructional hours in a school year is to be at least 450 for half-time pre-K and kindergarten, 900 for full-time pre-K and kindergarten and elementary, and 990 for secondary. Exceptions to the requirement for 180 days of instruction or to the daily school hours may be made based upon Section 1504, as amended by Act 80 of 1969.


    Activities which may be approved for an Act 80 exception:
    1. Parent-teacher meetings,
    2. Curriculum planning and development,
    3. Strategic planning,
    4. In-service programs dealing with new subjects or activities having an impact on the educational program,
    5. Dismissal at the start of the school year of a partial group of kindergarten students while an orientation program is being conducted for another part of the group of current year kindergarten students,
    6. Administration of the Professional Development Assistance Program assessment, and
    7. Evaluation of graduation projects.

Act 80 Day Training