• Non-Public School Student Transportation Information for Parents


    Transportation for Students in Non-Public Schools

    Pennsylvania law requires school districts to transport any school-aged child enrolled in a non-public school and residing within its boundaries, if transportation is provided to the district's own students. All Bus Assignments & Guidelines information apply to non-public school students riding CLSD provided transportation. 

    Transportation for non-public school students is available upon request by completing this form and returning it to the Transportation Office. Cornwall-Lebanon School District also provides transportation for non-public school students on days when Cornwall-Lebanon is not in session. On those occasions, transportation will follow this Hub Schedule. The request form and Hub Schedule also are available for pick up in the District Office, 105 E. Evergreen Road (Educational Services Center).


    Inclement Weather:

    This serves to clarify the transportation of your child in the event that Cornwall-Lebanon School District has a delay, dismisses early, or closes due to inclement weather.

    Your child’s Cornwall-Lebanon School District’s provided transportation follows the Cornwall-Lebanon School District’s operating schedule, regardless of whether your child is enrolled within the district or at another institution. If Cornwall-Lebanon School District announces a delay, early dismissal or closure due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, and this differs from the operating schedule at your child’s school, you will follow the operating schedule of Cornwall-Lebanon School District.


    When CLSD is not is session but your child's school is in session:

    Cornwall-Lebanon School District will provide transportation for non-public students on days when Cornwall-Lebanon is not in session when all of the following three conditions are met:

    1. Parents must contact their child’s school four school days prior to the modified day.
    2. All requests must be sent via the Non-Public School to the Cornwall-Lebanon Transportation Office. Please do not communicate through the driver. 
    3. When you send your request, please indicate if it is for AM, PM, or both.

    Parents are responsible to review Cornwall-Lebanon’s calendar and follow this procedure for transportation on days that Cornwall-Lebanon is closed and the child’s school is in session.


    Modified Schedule

    2019-2020 School Year

    AM Pick-up & Drop-off Times (Hub pickups):

    7:00 a.m. - Cornwall Elementary School

    7:10 a.m. - Cedar Crest Administration Building

    7:15 a.m. - South Lebanon Elementary School

    7:25 a.m. - Union Canal Elementary School

    7:35 a.m. - Ebenezer Elementary School

    7:45 a.m. - Neversink Fire Company

    School Drop-Off Times:

    7:50 a.m. - Lebanon Catholic

    8:00 a.m. - New Covenant


    • PM drop-offs will be at your child’s assigned bus stop when school is in session. When Cornwall-Lebanon has a scheduled day off your child would follow Hub schedule.
    • For late starts, the times for pick-up would be 2 hours later.
    • For early dismissals, when Cornwall-Lebanon is not in session, the Hub stops also will be used. Drop off times will vary depending on the time of the early dismissal.