Almost two weeks ago, we surveyed our parents of students in the Blue/Gray Hybrid model in Cedar Crest middle and high schools. The purpose of this update is to share the results of that survey and the anticipated direction that this instructional model at the secondary level (grades 6-12) will take in the coming months. The information I am sharing was presented at our public Board meeting on Monday, Oct. 19, 2020.

Parents of more than 70 percent of our Blue/Gray Hybrid students responded to the survey and we thank you for your feedback and thoughts. The large participation rate and the results of our survey have provided useful data that we can use to continue our mitigation efforts while also addressing the needs of our students. Based on current local community health data, current District data, consultations, and the results of our survey, we will continue to offer the Blue/Gray Hybrid learning option at Cedar Crest Middle School and Cedar Crest High School for the second marking period.Some students will be returning to school on a daily basis in a gradual approach that will consider their academic and social learning needs.

Click here to find the Summary Report and details of our survey results and our current enrollment data. I encourage each of you to read the detailed survey results in order to understand how we are making this decision. As with all of our plans, we will continue to monitor County Health Data, Local District Data, and consult with healthcare representatives as we make decisions. There have been recent changes in this data, and it will continue to be reviewed and considered as we begin discussions with some parents/guardians about this transition for their student(s). Keep in mind that the ever changing data may impact timelines for any transition.

As you will see in the linked document above, the results of this survey demonstrate that there are varying levels of academic and social learning, and success with the Blue/Gray hybrid learning option within our school community. As we have at the beginning of this school year, Cornwall-Lebanon will continue to offer options to meet the needs of individual students and families. We respect the unique needs, perspectives, and situations of each of our students and families.

Thank you,

Philip Domencic, Superintendent