Good afternoon Cornwall-Lebanon Families,

This is Philip Domencic, Superintendent. I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable Thanksgiving Break. If you have or do travel over the holiday season, please note that our trip forms have been updated to reflect the recent travel orders from the PA Secretary of Health.

I am contacting you today to let our families know that Cedar Crest High School will resume the Blue/Gray schedule on Monday, December 7 with in-person learning. Monday is a Blue cohort in-person day. The Gray cohort will attend virtually.

As was noted last week, the District has signed and submitted the state-mandated Attestation form (along with 99% of other districts in the Commonwealth) and will be continuing our mitigation efforts in order to continue providing the in-person learning option that we know is best for our students and families.

The PA Department of Health (DOH) also released new charts and guidance about when schools should shift to virtual instruction based on the number of cases within a given size or given enrollment of a building. Please know that CLSD has reported every single positive case to the DOH and is adhering to all requirements. The revised information also dictates that the DOH will provide assistance and guidance with these situations based on the specific circumstances. Cleaning protocols, contact tracing, and case investigation are the primary responsibility of District administration. All of this information is shared with DOH personnel as decisions about any potential shift or closure are considered.

If you follow the CLSD COVID-19 Dashboard on our website, you will see active cases within the most recent 14-day period. Cases that are listed as “active” on the dashboard were individuals who were present in a building with symptoms or were present within 48 hours prior to developing symptoms or receiving a positive test result. After a shift to virtual instruction, as we have had this past week at Cedar Crest High School, the active case number resets in that building since no students were present who would meet that criteria. This is the situation that we have had at the high school since we have had students participating in virtual instruction since prior to Thanksgiving.

All of this aside, our goal remains to keep students in school and to have as few interruptions to the educational process as possible. We also will make every effort to continue our athletic and any extracurricular programs that we are able to provide.

We recognize that there are concerns about operating schools during a pandemic. However, we also know that the spread of COVID-19 in our community has not occurred within the school environment. We recognize that no virus can be fully prevented from spreading within any community, but that the District’s mitigation efforts are working in our schools.

And, while there are concerns to offering in-person schooling, we also know that there are very real risks to shifting to 100 percent virtual learning that impact learning, as well as social and emotional well being for many of our students. I encourage you to please contact your child’s counselor or principal if your child is experiencing any of these difficulties. They will work with you to provide the most optimal learning situation and circumstances for your child.

We know the current circumstances are challenging for our students and families. They are very challenging circumstances for our teachers and staff as well. This is why we continue to appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

Please know that Cornwall-Lebanon School District will continue to make decisions to the best of our abilities that serve our students and families.

Thank you and have a good evening.