Good afternoon, Cornwall-Lebanon Families,

As I noted in last week’s update, this coming Monday, January 18th, is a remote learning day for all District students, in Kindergarten through grade 12. Principals and teachers will be sharing messages of expectations and assignments for this asynchronous remote learning day. On Tuesday, January 19th, we will return to in-person learning. This will be a Blue cohort day for students in the Blue/Gray Hybrid learning option.

Also, we were informed this past week that educators are now in the group eligible to register for the COVID-19 vaccine. When we are notified of opportunities for others to register, we will share that information.

In the future, I will provide updates and information on an as-needed basis. I do encourage you to visit the District website for news, information regarding COVID-19, as well as, any changes to the status of events listed in the printed CLSD Calendar for 2020-2021, including links to virtual events, if available.

Thank you and have a good weekend,

Philip Domencic, Superintendent