Good Afternoon, Cornwall-Lebanon Families,

As we near the end of the 3rd Marking Period, we want to extend our sincere thanks to our students, teachers, staff members and families for their continued cooperation despite the many challenges of this school year. It has been remarkable to see how well everyone has worked together to do what is best for our students and their individual situations and learning needs. We recognize that the in-person learning option at the elementary level was best for most students and families. At the secondary level, the hybrid option worked well for many families. Other students and families needed every day in-person learning and some needed a virtual option. It has been our privilege to have been able to offer these various options to serve each of our District students.

As the year progressed, many families have chosen to change their student’s learning option for a variety of reasons. Our counselors, teachers and administrators have worked to make these changes be as seamless as possible for everyone involved. We will continue to offer these same learning options through the end of the school year in order to respect every family’s different set of circumstances.

We are now three-quarters of the way through the school year. As we quickly approach the start of the 4th Marking Period, we know that many families may approach our principals about moving from in-person to virtual or from hybrid to every day at the secondary level. In order for us to accommodate requests that would take effect at the start of the 4th Marking Period, we do need families to notify their child’s school of any learning option change request by Monday, March 22, 2021.

When considering whether you wish to make a change, please be sure to take into consideration the impact such a change will make on your child’s education. We will make every effort to keep teacher assignments and schedules as similar as possible to those in their current learning option, but we cannot guarantee we can do so. This will be dependent on the number of requests received and on our continued need to adhere to all COVID-19 safety protocols and mandates, which includes wearing a facial covering in school and while traveling on student transportation.

Despite the challenges of 2020-2021, we are excited about all of the opportunities we have been able to provide this year. We will continue to make efforts to offer in-person activities throughout the remainder of this school year.

Please look for parent surveys in the coming weeks related to decision-making for next school year. We are very interested in your feedback and encourage you to respond when you receive the surveys. Your input matters.

Free Daily and Weekly Meals will continue to be offered to all children in the District ages 0-18 years through the end of June 2021. Visit the Lunch Menu tab on the District website for more information. This federal meals program is NOT income or needs based; it is available to all children.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as we continue through this most remarkable year.


Philip Domencic, Superintendent