Good afternoon CLSD Families,

As we near the end of our first semester of school, I have some information to share with you:
• Calendar reminder – No School for Students on Monday, Jan. 17 and Monday, Jan. 24, 2022
• Snow/weather make-up day information
• Updated COVID-19 Information in attachment

CLSD now has approval from the PA Department of Education (PaDoH) to utilize up to five (5) virtual learning days each year, called Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs). This gives us the option to consider implementing a virtual learning FID day instead of closing school due to inclement weather or another event.

While we know that in-person instruction is most effective for the overwhelming majority of Kindergarten through 12th grade students, it is good to have this option in the case of a severe winter that might require us to use more than four (4) of the scheduled make-up days. To make such a decision, we would need to assess the timing and impact of the event in our community, as well as, overall logistics to be sure that implementing a FID day would result in a worthwhile instructional day for students and families.

For these reasons, we still plan to have normal “snow days” for inclement weather that will be made up on the dates printed on our school calendar. The exception to this plan would be if we experience a large number of “snow days” during the course of the winter. In that case, we may consider using a FID day. If the District plans to use a FID day for an upcoming weather event, parents and students would be notified in advance.

I also want to update you on COVID-19. If you track community statistics, it is evident that the spread of COVID-19 in our community this month is significant. Cornwall-Lebanon School District will continue to make every effort to offer in-person instruction and remain open as we have been doing. Please read the attachment for information about how to assist us in this effort.

Thank you for your continued cooperation. Have a great weekend.