At Cornwall-Lebanon School District, our goal is to open schools to in-person instruction on August 31, 2020. In order to do so in these uncertain times, we need your support to finalize the enrollment schedules.  The Cornwall-Lebanon School District offers three options for middle school students.  Please review the options below before completing the enrollment form.

  • Option 1: Blue-Gray Hybrid – Students will receive instruction daily from CLSD teachers, but will alternate between in-person and attending the live (synchronous) class from home. The Blue-Gray Hybrid plan reduces the number of students in the physical classroom each day.  We will take precautions to ensure your child’s safety and health during school.
  • Option 2: Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School – Students will log onto a laptop at home every day at specific times to follow the Cornwall-Lebanon School District curriculum and receive live online instruction from Cornwall-Lebanon School District instructors.  We encourage a parent or guardian to assist the student with these lessons.
  • Option 3: Cedar Crest Cyber – Students can enroll in this asynchronous option taught by non-CLSD instructors in partnership with the Intermediate Unit 13.  We highly encourage a parent or guardian to assist the student with the lessons.

Note to parents/guardians of students with IEPs: Because we can better serve our students with specialized learning needs in person, all middle school and high school students with an IEP for whom the Blue-Gray option was selected will be scheduled for daily in-person instruction in our buildings. If you have any questions, or would prefer that your child not attend school in-person every day, please call the Special Education Office at (717) 272-2031, ext. 1711.