Spring Sports Participation Requirements

All information must be entered electronically. Please follow these instructions below

Any New Athlete must email Mr. Seldomridge or Mr. Dougherty with the following:

    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Email of Person to Receive Your Login Information
    4. Student ID Number
    5. Birth Date
*You will receive account information from the Athletic Trainers after sending the information. You will need to wait until you have this information to be able to sign into the site.

Existing athletes that have an existing account in our Athletic Training Software (ATS) can sign into their account at the link below. If you forget your athlete ID or password, please click the appropriate button on the login page and follow the instructions on the screen. Please use the email address that is listed in the account or it will give an error message saying the email address cannot be found.

Click the links below to begin the process of filling in your information.

Accessing Your ATS Account Cheatsheet

Athletics Participation Requirements

Contact Information

Rick Dissinger

Athletic Director

Phone: 717.272.2033 ext. 5958

Email: rdissinger@clsd.k12.pa.us


Veronica Juppenlatz

Athletic Secretary

Phone: 717.272.2033 ext. 5955

Email: vjuppenlatz@clsd.k12.pa.us

Athletics Information

Dismissal: 2:30pm

School Colors: Royal Blue and Gray

Mascot: Falcon

Game Manager:

Groundskeeper: Gene Dreibelbis

Equipment Managers: Craig Boyer and Rick Nelson

Team Physician: Dr. Jeff Yocum

Athletic Schedules

Athletic Schedules for each season are available in the CCHS office. For up-to-the-minute athletic schedule information, please check http://arbiterlive.com.


Spectator Guidelines for Winter Season 2021 (updated 1/6/21)

General Spectator Information For All Sports

  • There is NO COST for admission. See individual sports below for specific ticketing availability due to current Covid-19 restrictions.
  • Spectators MUST wear a facial covering at all times and at all venues.
  • We encourage anyone that is feeling ill in any way to view the game virtually rather than attending in person. Live Stream or Hudl cam viewing information will be available at www.cchstoday.com
  • Spectators attending indoor events MUST wear a facial covering the entire time and sit socially distanced from non-family members. Family members may sit next to each other.
  • Disinfectant wipes will be available upon entering the venue. Spectators may take a wipe to their seat if they choose to do so.
  • All spectators must possess a ticket for entrance and/or be listed on the official attendance sheet. All attendees must check in with ticket monitors prior to entering the venue.
  • Concessions will not be available. No food or drink is permitted in the gym.
  • Spectators must use assigned lobby restrooms and abide by capacity signs listed at the restroom entrance.
  • These guidelines are subject to change. Cedar Crest High School reserves the right to modify guidelines as needed and may adjust spectator rules based on conditions.


The Cage:  Varsity/JV Basketball (boys & girls)

  • Doors Open @ 5:30 p.m. for JV ticketed entry. Tickets will be accepted until the end of the 1st Qtr. of the Varsity game.
  • Visiting teams will be allotted 20 total tickets. Tickets will be Created and Sent to opposing school AD. Visiting school AD will need to PRINT and Distribute to Head coach prior to game day. Coach can distribute to team members.
  • Tickets will be numbered, checked and collected upon arrival at Cedar Crest. No Re-Entry.
  • Cedar Crest may have spectators attend the contest. Tickets will be coordinated by the coaching staff for each game. Each player will have a minimum of 1 ticket per event, and possibly 2 tickets. A Flex Ticketing option will be attempted. This will allow JV parents to attend the JV game. They will leave following the JV game and then be matched with a pre-arranged spectator of a Varsity player outside of the gym to exchange the Flex Ticket. Information will be communicated via the coaching staff to players/parents.
  • All spectators must sit on designated seats marked with white tape and remain seated with masks on.


The Cage:  9th Grade Basketball (boys & girls)

  • Visiting teams may have 2 spectators attend the contest.
  • Cedar Crest may have 3 spectators per player attend the contest.
  • All spectators must sit on designated seats marked with white tape. They remain seated with masks on.
  • Following the completion of the 9th grade game, ALL spectators must leave the building. Access for JV & Varsity games will be via designated tickets. Doors open @ 5:30pm for JV/Varsity entrance.


CCMS Gym: 8th & 7th Grade Basketball (boys & girls)

  • Cedar Crest may have 1 spectator per player attend the contest.
  • All spectators must sit on designated seats marked with white tape and remain seated with masks on, except for restroom use. Restrooms for spectators will be located in the hallway behind the locker rooms.
  • 8th Grade spectator – 1 per player – may enter starting at 3:45 p.m. Following the game, they must exit the gym in order to allow for 7th grade spectators to enter.
  • 7th Grade spectator – 1 per player – may enter AFTER 8th grade spectators exit. (Approx. time 4:50-5:05 p.m.) 7th grade spectators should wait outside in their vehicles until the gym is cleared of 8th grade spectators.


John Davis Natatorium: Boys and Girls Swimming

  • Attempts will be made to allow a limited number of CC swim parents to attend certain meets if capacity limits allow. CC Swim Coach Greg Fulkerson will communicate any spectator information changes to parents.


Bowling at Palmyra Lanes



CCMS Gym: Varsity & JV Wrestling

  • Information to come.