Please review the information on this page to ensure eligibility for participation in athletics according to PIAA and Cornwall-Lebanon School District rules.

Requirements for all athletes:

Prior to the Start of the Season, the following must be completed and turned into the Athletic Trainers:

PIAA CIPPE Form – Please read instructions for the 2020-2021 School year.

Concussion Baseline Testing completed with Athletic Trainer only for students who suffered a previous head injury.

Requirements for Eligibility in Special Cases:

Please refer to the PIAA Handbook for updated rules on student eligibility to participate in athletics. Below are common article numbers and topics related to specific student situations outlined in the By-Laws:

  • Article lll Section 8 – Home-Schooled Students
  • Article VI – Transfer Students
  • Article VII – Foreign Exchange Students, International Students, and Foreign Students

Please contact the Athletic Department for more information about requirements and supporting paperwork for student eligibility in special cases.