Can I make my decision for either Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School or my student’s regular elementary school or Cedar Crest Middle School right before school starts?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee enrollment availability after August 3, 2020. We need to have a deadline so that we build our student and teacher schedules appropriately in a timely manner. Experienced and existing CLSD teachers will be scheduled to teach in the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School and we will need to know how many students will take this option.

When is the deadline to sign up for the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School?

All parents will receive a cyber school interest survey on Monday, July 20, 2020. The deadline to guarantee enrollment to start the year in the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School will be Monday August 3, 2020.

Do I have the freedom to move my child between an onsite school and Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School to meet their needs?

Yes, our students are always enrolled in the Cornwall-Lebanon School district and our 6 schools and newly formed Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School will be working in a partnership to best serve each student’s individual and unique needs.

This will be a more flexible option for students who may need to transition from onsite (face-to-face) learning to remote (online) learning for two or more weeks at a time. However, most students will remain in this option for an entire marking period. The goal is for the Cornwall-Lebanon K–8 Virtual School to serve as an extension of the four elementary schools and Cedar Crest Middle School

What is Study Island and Exact Path and how will it benefit my student and their teacher?

Please click this link for a video description

Does my student need to be in live lessons or will the lesson be recorded?

Students will have both options to engage in a live lesson with the daily synchronous schedule, or watch a recording of important parts of the lesson at a different time.

Will my student be able to go back and watch lessons for better understanding?

Yes, important parts of the lessons will be recorded and available for students to watch at any time.

Can my student take a break during the Exact Path and Study Island enrichment time?

Yes, especially during enrichment periods your student can complete those assignments at any time as long as they keep with the pacing of the class. This could present a good opportunity for them to take a break and work at a later time outside of the normal school day.

Will my student or I be able to contact the teacher for one on one support?

Yes, your student’s teacher will have scheduled office hours and will be available by email or phone to communicate effectively or schedule a time to talk.

Who will be my student’s guidance counselor?

Students will still be enrolled as a member of their home school and a Cornwall-Lebanon guidance counselor or learning facilitator will continue to monitor their progress and be available to support them.

Can my student attend the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School and still participate in extra-curricular activities such as music, arts, field trips, athletics, etc.?

Yes, all students continue to have the full level of pupil services and student privileges available to them as long as they are in good academic and behavioral standing.

Can my student attend the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School and still receive food service?

Students will be offered “Grab N’ GO” meals. Our meals offer whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, proteins, and milk. Keep your child engaged in learning, and well-nourished through our meal program. More information to come regarding pick-up locations and times.

If my child receives services through their IEP, GIEP or 504 plans, will those services be provided as a student of the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School?

Yes, a certified special education teacher will be the case manager for student needs. Students will also continue to have the support of the CLSD pupil services specialist at the elementary and secondary levels who acts as the District LEA.

When will my student receive services identified by their IEP, GIEP or 504 plan as a student of the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School?

Students services will be managed and scheduled by the certified special education teacher on staff who will coordinate virtual opportunities with the onsite building staff who provide these services.

Why is the daily schedule for the Cornwall-Lebanon K-8 Virtual School shorter than the onsite building schedules?

We have eliminated non-instructional and transition times, such as arrival, homeroom, dismissal, recess and hallway passing times.

Can my student take time during the day for recess or a break from learning?

Absolutely. One of our core values is flexibility in scheduling and learning which is why parts of all lessons are recorded for their convenience. Students can also take a break during the day from scheduled enrichment periods and complete those assignments at a different time on their own.