• Safe Schools Office

    Cornwall-Lebanon School District takes the safety of its students and staff very seriously. Our efforts to provide a safe learning environment is a partnership between students, staff, parents and community partners. In an emergency, the district will need to rely on all of these groups to ensure the safety of  all of our students and staff.
    To raise student awareness of safe school issues and to ensure that all students will respond appropriately in a real emergency situation, fire drills and other emergency situation drills will be conducted on a regular basis.

    Students are to view all drills as important. During a drill, students should remain calm and follow the instructions of the teacher or other adult in charge just as they would in a real emergency.

    Each school building has its own evacuation plan for general emergencies.

    This section of the website does not contain specific emergency plans as school safety experts discourage posting such information publicly.
    Dr. Michael Robinson is the Security Coordinator for Cornwall-Lebanon School District. His contact information is: mrobinson@clsd.k12.pa.us, or (717) 273-2301, ext. 1802.