• Welcome to the Cornwall-Lebanon School District website!


    This website offers an interactive and dynamic platform that students, parents, staff, and community members can use to follow District events, policies, changes, and announcements.  In the How-To documents section, you can learn how to register for the website; link other websites to your District website portal; personalize the calendar view; link the District calendar to your device; and follow District news.

    • Registering for our Cornwall-Lebanon School District website will afford additional opportunities to to the user to access special content, connect common websites/apps with a single sign-on experience, and much more. 
    • Linking websites to your District portal - Adding Pass Keys to your Cornwall-Lebanon School District website account will offer you a single sign-on experience to multiple District websites/apps that you may commonly use to access District information. In essence, after setting up Pass Keys, you only need to log into the District website to have instant access to Skyward Family Access and many other District apps without signing in again.
    • Personalizing your calendar - You can customize the website calendar to meet your needs! Choose which school calendars to view, as well as select the categories of information you wish to see.
    • Integrating the calendar to your device - Linking the website calendar to your personal calendar on a phone or computer, will give you up-to-date information on events throughout the district.
    • Following District news - By enabling RSS Feeds via the Latest News section, information will be sent to your device as soon as it's posted to the website.

    Please view the How-To documents section to learn how to activate these features.