• Key Club


    Club Description: Objectives of the Key Club are to develop initiative and leadership; to provide experience in living and working together; to serve the school and the community. Key Club is sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club and is open to all students who attend Cedar Crest High School. Like the Kiwanis Club, the Key Club is a service organization. Members of this club are students who are interested in donating some of their time to help others. The Key Club serves the community at large and the school community specifically. Often times, the Key Club assists the Kiwanis Club in their projects but also has projects of its own. Some of our community activities have included helping the following organizations: The American Cancer Society, The Salvation Army, The United Way, The Renova Center, and The Lebanon County Humane Society. Our school activities have included: serving as babysitters and tour guides for parent meetings, acting as student ambassadors for new students and raising funds to lend financial support to worthy causes. The Key Club meets once a month during one of the activity periods.

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    Advisors: Mrs. Reisch