• German Club


    Club Description: All club members must currently be taking German and have an interest in German culture. As a result, all club meetings will focus on some aspect of the culture (including land, people, traditions, and customs) or other order of business. You will find that belonging to German Club will allow you to learn even more about Germany and have fun doing it. Some club activities include: a trip to a German Restaurant, German Christmas caroling, the Cultural Arts Festival, a day filled with traditional German food, singing and dancing and a variety of German games. Club members plan activities and choose fundraisers. Come on and join in the fun!

    Club Information:

    • Membership is open to all German students
    • Dues are $5 for the entire year
    • Members may attend the following events without costs:
      • All meetings (often with refreshments)
      • The Oktoberfest
      • Spring trip to the Lancaster Liederkranz (including transportation and meal)
    • Members are expected to help with fundraising activities.

    Advisor: Frau Chandler