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UPDATED (3/29/2020): Optional Laptop Deployment for Elementary Students

As Dr. Domencic shared earlier, our teachers are diligently developing optional continuous learning experiences for our students during the Governor’s mandated shutdown of Pennsylvania schools. Most of the optional continuous learning opportunities that will begin Monday, March 30, 2020, are located online in our learning management platform, called Schoology.  Students can access this content by logging on to the District’s Schoology website with any computer, tablet, or even a phone. Students and parents/guardians will receive an email and Skyward Family Access notification from their teachers to begin.

We are extending our optional laptop deployment to kindergarten and first grade students as well.  If your elementary school student does not have access to a device at home and wishes to borrow a District device, we will have two more handout locations and times this week:

  • Monday, March 30, 5-7 PM - South Lebanon Elementary School, 1825 South Fifth Avenue. Please drive through the bus loop on the 5th Avenue side to pick up a device.
  • Tuesday, March 31, Noon-2 PM - Ebenezer Elementary School, 1600 Colonial Circle. Please drive through the bus loop to pick up a device.

If you decide to participate in this optional program, please complete the survey located here and on the District website to help us determine the number of devices needed.  During pick up, we will need your name (photo ID), your relationship to the student, the student’s name and the student’s lunch PIN number. For safety purposes, please do not exit your car. No one will be permitted to access the building.

If you experience a technical issue during the continuous learning opportunities, check our website for hints and instructions for home connectivity first. If you still need assistance, call (717) 389-1900.

As an additional note, Comcast is offering free Internet through its program for those who qualify.

Thank you and stay healthy.

Dr. Jason Murray,

Technology Coordinator

Cornwall-Lebanon School District.