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What are Pupil Services?

Pupil services are programs that support the overall mission of the school district by ensuring that students have or attain competencies necessary to benefit from the instructional program.

Areas that Pupil Services Support

  1. Developmental Services – Counseling, psychological, or health services that support students in addressing academic, behavioral, health, personal, or social developmental issues.
  2. Diagnostic, Intervention, and Referral Services – Identify barriers that limit a student’s success in school, engage in activities to limit or eliminate those barriers, refer to school-based professionals or community-based assistance.
  3. Consultation and Coordination Services – Partnerships with parents, families, staff, and community resources to address barriers to educational objectives.


Dr. Kate Long

Pupil Services Director

Phone: 717.272.2031

Email: klong@clsd.k12.pa.us