If during the course of the school term, it is necessary to close school, announcements will be made via the Skylert Emergency Notification System (phone/email messaging) and broadcast over the local radio & TV stations listed below. The decision to close school or open two hours later will be announced before 7 a.m. It also will be posted on the District Home page: www.clsd.k12.pa.us and on our Facebook and Twitter social media accounts. When adverse weather conditions develop during school hours, the stations will be advised and will announce the time of dismissals.


WLBR – 1270 AM

WQIC – 100.1 FM


WGAL – Channel 8 (NBC)

WHTM – Channel 27 (ABC)

WHP Channel 21

WPMT Fox 43

Updates on cancellations and delays will be shared on this website, CLSD Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the above media outlets. Please do not call the school or district office to ask about cancellations or delays because the telephones may be needed for emergencies. Parents are urged to devise and discuss a plan of action for young children when no one is home during early dismissals or delays.


Modified Kindergarten Schedule

To make the morning and afternoon classes of kindergarten more equitable, in the event of any two-hour delay during inclement weather, the following modified schedule for kindergarten children will be placed in effect:

AM Kindergarten: 11:00 a.m.-12:35 p.m. (expected arrival time at home will be one hour later than usual).

PM Kindergarten: 1:55 p.m.-3:30 p.m. (expected pick up time will be one hour later than usual).

In the event there is a planned early dismissal or an elementary late start, and we have a delayed start because of inclement weather, the early dismissal and late start will be canceled.