Water Quality

National events about lead exposure have generated new concerns regarding safe drinking water. The Cornwall-Lebanon School District takes the issue of lead exposure very seriously. The District tests every water fountain on a regular basis to ensure our students have safe drinking water. The safety and health of our students and staff is the highest priority for the district. As an extra precaution the district has installed additional filtering systems and filtered water bottle fountains.

Pesticide Treatments at Schools

Pennsylvania’s Act 36 of 2002 amended the Public School code of 1949 by adding to section 772.1, Notification of Pesticide Treatments at Schools. This act provides the pesticide certified applicators and the school with specific responsibilities.

The legislation states that prior to a pesticide application, the pesticide certified applicator is to supply to the chief school administrator or building manager:

  1. A pest control information sheet containing the date of treatment, the name, address and phone number of the applicator and the pesticide used and
  2. A pest control sign at least 8.5″ x 11″ in size.

For more information on pesticide managment, please visit review our district policy: Policy 716 – Integrated Pest Management

Asbestos Information

As required by the Asbestos Hazard Response Act, an inspection of our buildings has been completed and a management plan has been prepared which delineates our asbestos control program. Stuart Halsell has been appointed as our asbestos manager and will be responsible for the implementation of our program.

Surveillance Activities

Every six months, in April and October, we will have specially trained members of our staff visually examine all of the asbestos containing material in the buildings and provide a written report to our asbestos program manager. The result of these observations is designed to enable the asbestos program manager to take action on asbestos containing material before it presents any risk to our staff or other occupants, and the written report will become a part of our management plan and be available within 30 days after the physical examination, along with the decision of the local education agency with regard to dealing with any unusual circumstances observed.

In addition to this formal surveillance, all of our regular custodial and maintenance personnel have been trained to continuously observe the asbestos containing materials in our facilities and report anything unusual which pertains to those materials immediately to the asbestos program manager for follow up. This is all part of our continuing effort to maintain a safe environment for all of our occupants and staff.

Response Action Activities

The following asbestos response actions, a part of our regular management plan, have been scheduled. Each of these response actions will be designed and conducted by EPA accredited personnel in accordance with the latest and best available technology and safety practices and procedures. At the end of each response action and before the area is reoccupied by students or staff, air samples will be collected and analyzed in accordance with EPA regulations and each area will be carefully inspected by our asbestos program manager and/or an EPA accredited inspector to assure that the work has been properly completed and that, with respect to asbestos, the area is clean and safe for re-occupation.

Scheduled Activity

No Scheduled Activity

Availability of Current Management Plans

Our formal asbestos management plan is available for inspection by any interested individual by appointment made through the asbestos program manager’s office at least one working day in advance. Because of the importance we attach to the management plan and its extent and complexity, a staff person familiar with the plan should be present to help and guide your examination of the plan in our offices.

If you wish to have a copy of the management plan, a copy will be furnished within 30 days of receipt of written request at a cost of $.10 per page, total cost to be paid in advance. Since the plan is extensive and continually growing, but is divided into building specific sections, please be sure to request only those parts of the management plan which you need. The asbestos program manager’s office will be happy to assist you in this matter.

Timeliness of Notice

All notices shall be prepared and be current with the management plan as of the last week of July of each year, the notices being available on and after August 1st of each year.

Warning Label Posting

Warning labels indicating the presence of asbestos containing materials will be posted on all asbestos containing material in all routine maintenance areas. All labels will be prominently displayed in readily visible locations and shall remain posted until the labeled asbestos containing material has been removed.