It is the policy of the Cornwall-Lebanon School District to make its facilities (buildings and grounds) available to organized groups in compliance with the Pennsylvania School Laws and under the rules, regulations, and/or other appropriate directives as adopted by the Board of Directors. This availability applies to all non-school groups and organizations of the CLSD, provided that such use does not interfere with the educational program of the schools. Use of school facilities shall not be granted for any commercial or profit making organization, partisan political activity, private social function, church service, or any purpose which is prohibited by law or is in direct conflict with the aims and objectives of the district. For the safety and health of our students, pets are not permitted on school property, inside or outside of buildings, at any time.

Fitness Facilities Use

  • The John W. Davis Natatorium at Cedar Crest High School – available to district residents for lap and recreational open swims when not in use by school groups. Refer to the Aquatics page for monthly pool schedules of activities, pool use rules, current swim brochures, and information.
  • Tennis courts behind Cedar Crest High School – available to district residents seven days a week, when courts are not in use for athletic practices, classes, or events. Courts are to be used for tennis playing only. Four courts are lighted. Roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, etc., are prohibited.
  • Walk/Run the High School Track inside the Earl Boltz Stadium – available to district residents for fitness purposes. Roller blades, skateboards, bicycles, etc., are prohibited inside the stadium. THe track will not be available when the stadium is being used for athletic practices, classes, or events. The track will be open weekdays after school during the school year and daylight hours of the summer months.

Smoke-Free District

Cornwall-Lebanon School District is a smoke-free school district. Board policy prohibits use of tobacco in any in school buildings, on school grounds, on school buses, or in district-owned vehicles at all times. This applies not only to students, but to employees and visitors as well. A student convicted of possessing or using tobacco in a school building or on a school bus or school property shall be fined up to $50 plus court costs or admitted to alternative adjudication.

Drugs and Alcohol

The CLSD Board of School Directors recognizes that drug and alcohol abuse is a community problem and is committed to the general principles of education, prevention, intervention and law enforcement in attempting to respond to this vital issue. The primary function of schools in responding to drug and alcohol abuse is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of students and staff while safeguarding the overall process of education and protecting school property.

CLSD will strive to prevent, educate, and intervene in the student use and abuse of all prohibited substances through the following:

  • Curriculum
  • School and community intervention programs
  • Life Intervention for Teens (LIFT)
  • School counseling and school psychologists
  • Community support and resources
  • Strong and consistent administrative and faculty commitment
  • Rehabilitative referrals
  • Disciplinary procedures

The District’s Drug and Alcohol Policy (Policy No. 227.1) shall be used by all school district personnel when situations involve students’ unlawful use, abuse, sale, distribution, and/or possession of any prohibited substance or paraphernalia. School district personnel will stand ready to cooperate with law enforcement and other community agencies to promote and ensure a drug-free environment. CLSD supports enforcement of the Drug-Free School Zone provisions as stipulated in Pennsylvania Act No. 31.