Welcome to the Falcon Foundation! The Falcon Foundation was incorporated in 2000. It is committed to its goal of connecting the community, students, and families of the Cornwall-Lebanon School District through funding or partial funding of educational and enrichment opportunities (social, cultural and athletic) for all people in the Cornwall-Lebanon community.

The Falcon Foundation is able to continue awarding grants & scholarships only through the generosity of our community donors.

We have a various fundraising opportunities throughout the year (see the menu at left), or you can Donate Now at this link! The students, staff, and community members who benefit from the Falcon Foundation programs thank you for your support!

Investment Policy & Capital Projects

Board of Trustees


Ed Donley, President

Jennifer Kuntz, Vice President

Michelle Miller, Treasurer

John Sowizral, Secretary

Other Members

Angela Bensing
Sharon Brumbaugh
Trent Coldren
Nicole Leach
Kayla Lowrie
Steve McCracken
Jaime Rowe
Kathy Santana
Wendy Seeger
AJ Tirado
Doreen Weaber


Finance Committee

Chair: Michelle Miller

Members: Ed Donley, Jean Hentz

Grants & Awards Committee

Co-Chairs: John Sowizral and Doreen Weaber

Members: Alicia Arnold, Jestine Andrews, Julie Baumbach, Lori Brown, Arianne Chernich, Michael Davis, Lenann Engler, Tamara Gross, Blythe Heisey, Kristin Knapp, Lynnette Peterschmidt, Sue Szydlowski, Jeff Zelinske

Social Media Committee

Chair: Jaime Rowe

Golf Tournament Committee

Chair: Steve McCracken

Committee: Ed Donley, Michelle Miller

EITC Committee

Chair: Sharon Brumbaugh