Cornwall-Lebanon School District Social Worker

Who can benefit from social work services?
Any student or family who is experiencing difficulty in school, at home, or in the community.  The primary role of the social worker is to collaborate with families and school staff to identify support services to remove the physical, mental, and emotional barriers that may prevent students from attending school regularly.  The social worker serves as a link between the school, home, and community.  Social work services are provided in collaboration with the student, family, and school staff.

What services does the social worker provide?
The social worker can provide a range of services including individual support, monitoring student attendance, ensuring students are living within the jurisdiction of the district, providing support and resources to students experiencing educational instability, and service coordination including referrals for services within the community.

Erin Callihan, LSW/HSV

District Social Worker

105 E. Evergreen Rd.

Lebanon, PA 17042

(717) 389-1871 (office)

(717) 802-5168 (cell)