Most board business will be addressed at the regular monthly board meeting, although the Board may take action at any of these public meetings. Other meetings will be scheduled during the year, as needed.

Both regular meetings and work sessions are open to the public. District residents/property owners in the Cornwall-Lebanon School District may address the Board in this manner:

  • Regular meeting: Request to be placed on the agenda prior to noon on the last business day before the meeting by calling the Office of the Superintendent, (717) 272-2031, and providing name, address and topic. Time is limited to 5 minutes per individual.
  • Work session: Attendees will be invited to ask questions about items relevant to that work session’s topics at the conclusion of the session.

In order to prepare seating arrangements, District residents/property owners in the Cornwall-Lebanon School District who would like to attend a meeting should register by noon the Friday prior to either a Public Work Session or a Regular Meeting. The link to register to attend a meeting is posted on the 2023-2024 Board Meeting Dates page.