Cornwall-Lebanon School District gifted and enrichment program is based on the belief in the concept of multiple intelligences. We believe that there is neither a single kind of intelligence nor a single instrument for measuring the need for specialized instruction. We believe that every child has strengths and weaknesses, and few are globally gifted. This belief forms the basis for the identification of children’s needs for either the enrichment curriculum or gifted support. Cornwall-Lebanon School District serves a high proportion of students through the enrichment curriculum. Students that have needs that go beyond what can be provided within the enrichment curriculum and who qualify as a gifted student are provided with gifted support services and rights.

Cornwall-Lebanon School District advocates for appropriate educational opportunities for all students. Students are screened in 2nd grade to determine if additional assessment is necessary for enrollment into the enrichment and gifted program. Students may be identified based on multiple criteria as listed in district procedural guides. This program services students who demonstrate advanced abilities who require additional programming to meet their needs. The program includes, but is not limited to, students who may be identified as gifted under Chapter 16 of the Pennsylvania School Code.