A child should be kept at home and not attend school if he/she has any of the following symptoms:

  • Temperature of 100 degrees or higher without the use of fever reducing medication.(should be normal for 24 hours before returning to school without a fever reducing  medication).
  • Vomiting or diarrhea the night or morning before school
  • Persistent cough or thick nasal discharge
  • Eyes-red, itchy or with a discharge
  • Any serious illness or injury should be diagnosed by a physician.  The student should not be sent to school for evaluation by the school nurse.
A child will be sent home if he or she has:
  • A temperature of 101 degrees or higher
  • Active vomiting or diarrhea
  • Suspected contagious illness
  • A serious injury or appears obviously ill

Please be aware that we encourage students to stay in class when possible. The nurses do not routinely notify parents of minor illness or injury. If you, as a parent or guardian are called by the school nurse, please pick up your child in a timely manner. The nurse will only call home if she feels the child really needs to leave school.

Parents will be notified by the school nurse in the event of any illness or injury that may require outside medical attention or if students are being sent home due to illness/injury.

Students should not use their cell phone to call or text message a parent during the school day related to their illness or injury. They need to report to the health room. To be sent home by the school nurse due to illness or injury, the child needs to first be evaluated by the school nurse.