The table below will provide the address, contact information, and administration for each of our schools.



Cedar Crest High School
115 E. Evergreen Road
Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: 717.272.2033

Christopher Groff, Principal
Dr. Barbara May, Assistant Principal
John Shaffer, Assistant Principal
Robert Snyder, Assistant Principal
Richard Dissinger, Athletic Director

Cedar Crest Middle School
101 E. Evergreen Road
Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: 717.272.2032

Dr. Mariah Rackley, Principal
Francis Fiorentino, Assistant Principal
Greg Fulkerson, Assistant Principal

Cornwall Elementary School
45 Burd Coleman Road
Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: 717.273.4571

Nathanial Artz, Principal

Ebenezer Elementary School
1600 Colonial Circle
Lebanon, PA 17046
Phone: 717.272.1969

Dr. Dean Bozman, Principal

South Lebanon Elementary School
1825 South Fifth Avenue
Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: 717.273.4546

Mark Brown, Principal

Union Canal Elementary School
400 Narrows Drive
Lebanon, PA 17046
Phone: 717.270.7227

Bernard McGinty, Principal

Virtual Solutions (K-8 Virtual and Cedar Crest Cyber)

105 E Evergreen Rd

Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: 717.272.2031

Joseph Burton, Administrator