Whenever possible, medications should be given at home. The procedures were created using the Pennsylvania’s Department of Health Guidelines for Administration of Medications at School. Following these guidelines, the Cornwall Lebanon School District has adopted the following medication procedures.

Consent to Administer Medications at School

The Certified School Nurse, Building or Substitute nurse or the Principal’s designee may administer medication to the student if the proper consent forms from our district have been received.

Written parent/guardian and physician consent is needed if any medication is to be given to a student during school hours. (prescription or over-the-counter)
It can be faxed to the nurse on the form provided or the physician can fax/mail the order to the nurse on office stationary/letterhead.
Please contact the nurse at the building your child attends if you have any questions or concerns regarding medication administration at school.

Transport of Medications

A parent/guardian or adult designee must transport all medications to and from school including any over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol. This is to insure the safety of all students. Medications may be delivered to the nurse or office personnel if the nurse is not in her office. 
  • Medications must be delivered in the original prescription bottle. You may request a second prescription bottle for the school at the time you get the Rx filled at the pharmacy for school or field trip use.
  • Prescription inhaler/epi-pen medications may be self administered and carried by the student with written parental consent and a physician’s order. The order must state that the student may carry the inhaler/epi-pen and has been instructed in its use. If the inhaler/epi-pen is used, the nurse should be notified.