Updated 10-5-2021

2021-2022 Free School Meals for ALL enrolled CLSD students

Due to the extension of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) summer meal program, Seamless Summer Option (SSO), through June 30, 2022 amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Cornwall-Lebanon School District is able to provide free meals (one breakfast and one lunch per day, per child) to all enrolled CLSD students.

Scroll down to view or download Menus for students enrolled in each of the CLSD learning options.

Please note: If a student receives more than one breakfast and one lunch per day, that student’s account will be charged the à la carte price for each additional item or meal received. Anything in excess of the one breakfast and one lunch per day will incur a charge to the student’s account, for which the parent/guardian is responsible to pay.

Students who bring a packed lunch to school may enter the lunch line and request a “packer meal” free of charge. A free “packer meal” consists of the student’s choice of milk, the daily cold vegetable AND the daily cold fruit. The fruit and vegetable must be taken with the milk to count as a free “packer meal”.

The price of milk remains $0.50 for those that do not make a meal.

Adult breakfast and lunch prices remain at $2.50 and $3.75, respectively.

June 2022 Breakfast & Lunch Menus

** Please be advised that the CLSD Food Service Department is experiencing supply chain issues and menus are subject to change. **

Click on the school headings below to download a pdf version to view or print out.

VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS (K-8 Virtual and Cedar Crest Cyber/C3) : WEEKLY Meals Order form link for Breakfast & Lunch Meals package (Each package includes up to 5 free breakfast meals and 5 free lunch meals, per child, per number of CLSD school days scheduled for that week.)

>>>Click on this Survey link to pre-order a free weekly meals package for pickup the following Tuesday.<<<

If you have ordered a weekly meals package via the survey link, please remember to pick it up the next Tuesday, between 3-3:45 PM, at the main Gym Entrance (Door F) at the Cedar Crest High School (Click here for a map.)

Things to note:

  • Save the survey link in your Favorites, and COMPLETE IT EACH WEEK that you would like to order a meals package;
  • Submit a survey for EACH virtual student for whom you would like to pick up a meal package;
  • Bring boxes, or grocery totes as boxes will not be available through Food Services;
  • Follow social distancing guidelines while waiting in line;
  • Remember to PICK UP the meals you order;
  • Provide the volunteers with your child(ren)’s PIN number(s) or name;
  • Pre-orders for the next week may be submitted via the Survey link, above, at anytime between 8 AM Friday and 3 PM Mondays. Weekly menus are posted on the Survey;
  • All meals include an entree, a fruit, vegetable and choice of 1% white milk or fat-free chocolate milk;
  • Parents who have submitted a survey do not need to bring their child(ren) to wait in line for meals pickup.