A huge shout-out to the CLSD community for your donations to the Feeding School Kids initiative! From January through March of 2024, community members had the option to “round up and donate” as they paid for groceries at the GIANT Foods store on Quentin Road in Cedar Crest Square. This resulted in almost $6,600 in support to CLSD students & families! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Accepting the donation on behalf of CLSD is Cynthia Dunsworth, Food Services Assistant; Kerrie Becker, CCMS teacher; Jean Hentz, Director of Business Affairs; Greg Fulkerson, Ebenezer Elementary School Principal; and Emily Rodriguez, Supervisor of Food & Nutrition Services.

Aurielle O’Donnell, Asst. Store Manager and Lisa Wolfe, Team Lead at GIANT Store #6565 in Cedar Crest Square on Quentin Road visited CLSD to learn how the District uses these funds to support families and students.

Mrs. Becker and Mr. Fulkerson shared that one of the main benefits to CLSD is to be able to provide a meal to students participating in the FalconsConnect summer community playground programs.