Vision Statement

Our vision for South Lebanon Elementary School is to provide a safe environment where students are empowered to become leaders and embrace challenges to reach their individual goals.

Welcome to South Lebanon Elementary School! Each year, our goal is always the same. We want to make sure that South Lebanon is a place where students feel safe, feel welcome, feel challenged, and feel successful. We also want our students to take pride in our school and be proud to be a Cedar Crest Falcon!

To achieve this goal, we are always refining our practices and searching for new ways to make this goal a reality. This year is no different. Over the summer months, our staff came together to craft a new vision statement for our school and to identify our top 3 priorities for the 2019-2020 school year. These have been identified as follows:

Develop a school wide set up core expectations and reward system for students.

  1. Focus on ensuring that our school environment is welcoming to our students and staff.
  2. Develop students as leaders in our school.

We are proud to announce the inaugural year of our S.O.A.R. program. This program revolves around a set of core expectations.

S – Strive for Success

O – Own your Actions

A – Accept Differences

R – Respect People and Property

If students practice and meet these expectations, we are confident that they will be successful in both academic and social settings. This summer, two sensory paths were installed in our hallways by Mrs. Weaber and Mrs. Kreider. This is one example of ways in which we are improving our school environment. Stay tuned for more improvements! The last initiative that is very exciting to all of us is the focus on students becoming leaders in our school. To start, we have formed peer mediation groups where students will lead their peers in conflict resolution. We have some big plans ahead for ways in which our students can assume leadership roles. This is just the start of great things to come.

Our staff is looking forward to a school year filled with academic achievements, fantastic memories, and lots of fun. We thank you for your continued support as we work to empower tomorrow’s future leaders.


Mark D. Brown

South Lebanon Elementary Main Office
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