We believe that:

It is our responsibility to provide every student with the opportunity to obtain a basic educational foundation through a comprehensive program;

This educational opportunity should be consistent with the intellectual, physical, social, emotional and creative potential of every student to allow for maximum personal growth;

We must respect the worth and dignity of every individual;

It is our responsibility to foster and perpetuate the ideals and values of our American democratic society;

We must encourage every individual to accept his responsibility as a citizen of both school and community; to become a self-supporting member of society; and to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to maintain the quality of life in a balanced environment.

We must establish a close working relationship between the school and the community in order to facilitate a better understanding and increased support of our educational objective.


Christopher M. Groff, Principal

Dr. Barbara May, Assistant Principal

Michael S. Rohrbach, Assistant Principal

Robert L. Snyder, Assistant Principal

Richard Dissinger, Athletic Director