** Please make sure you are logged into your CLSD account and use student’s CLSD email to register

Driving Privilege

Driving to school and parking on the school’s property is a privilege reserved for approved students only. Students must register the vehicle(s) they plan to drive to school by completing a registration form and by purchasing a parking pass for $30.00. 

The parking pass MUST be placed in accordance with the “Driving/Parking Regulations” outlined in the Driver Registration Form that parent/guardian and students sign to receive a parking pass. Forms and passes are available through the high school office.  Consequences are outlined below, and the cost of a ticket is $5.00 for each violation: 

Violation # and Consequence

  1. Written Warning
  2. Parking Ticket
  3. Parking Ticket w/ school consequence
  4. + Parking ticket w/ school consequence

All student vehicles on the lot must be driven by the registered student. The driving privilege and pass are not transferable. Allowing other students to drive a registered vehicle will result in the loss of driving privileges for both students for the entire year. Student parking must be confined to designated areas. At no time may students park in the middle school lot or in any spaces assigned to faculty or staff. 

Students who are on the ineligible list, who have behavioral difficulties, or who have excessive attendance problems, will have their driving privileges revoked. Students who have their driving and parking privileges revoked will not be reimbursed for the cost of the parking pass. Also, if a student’s license is legally revoked, the student has lost driving privileges at school. Any student who accepts a parking pass that may be traded (i.e. for cash or friendship) will lose their driving privileges for the remainder of the year. 

CTC students may opt to drive or ride to CTC with a valid and approved CTC pass.  They are not permitted to take passengers to CTC.  

Any student disregarding these rules may have their driving pass privilege suspended or revoked.   

Students who drive to school do so at their own risk.  The school is not responsible for any damage or theft that may occur to a student’s vehicle.